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Delve into the CityLocal Services Directory

We extend our warm welcome to you for exploring the CityLocal Services directory of local businesses. Your patronage plays a crucial role in supporting our mission. The CityLocal Services directory was conceived with the intent of making local businesses more accessible to customers. It is a known fact that small-scale businesses require strong support systems to hold their own against large corporations, which, despite their size and influence, do not contribute to local communities in the same way as local, small-scale businesses do. A loss of such small businesses would inevitably bring about negative repercussions for your community. Recognizing this, we at CityLocal Services are committed to providing whatever support we can to these invaluable entities in their battle against corporate giants.

Our mission comprises two major goals:

1) To make it easier for customers to find local businesses online. Studies have shown that more than 80% of people look up a business on the internet before making a physical visit.

2) To inform individuals about the significance of promoting and patronizing small businesses within their own community. Once consumers understand that shopping locally has direct benefits for their own community, they are more likely to choose small businesses over large corporations.

We help customers discover local businesses through our comprehensive business directories and provide highly effective digital marketing solutions for those small-sized companies who seek our assistance.

Who is behind CityLocal Services?

The brainchild behind the CityLocal Services directory and other similar resources is SharpNet Solutions - an industry leader in digital marketing that provides its services to over 1,000 small businesses across the USA and Canada. Having been established in 1998, SharpNet holds the distinction of being one of the oldest digital marketing firms globally. We staunchly believe in promoting small-scale business and have designed CityLocal Services with the aim to provide maximum assistance. For businesses interested in exploring more digital marketing services, we offer SEO, Google Ads management, Social Media and Website Design services.

Small business owners are encouraged to list their company in our local business directory. This not only gives their business the exposure it deserves but also aids those who wish to support local companies discover them more easily.