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Alpha One offers a range of quality organic-based fertilizers. Their products are formulated to improve soil health, strengthen roots, and promote thriving landscapes. Each fertilizer is extensively researched and undergoes field trials to ensure the highest quality. Alpha One's fertilizers have the highest organic-based matter content on the market and a homogenous nutrient balance. The product lineup includes:

- AlphaLawn II Plus Iron: An organic-based lawn fertilizer that conditions the soil, loosens compacted soils, and strengthens the root system.

- AlphaLawn Z Zero Phosphorus: A phosphorus-free, pet-safe soil amendment that conditions the soil and enhances root growth.

- Alpha One Natural Organic Lawn & Garden Fertilizer: An all-natural fertilizer with plant-ready nutrients released over time for extended availability.

- AlphaLawn Turf Winterizer: Designed for fall use, this fertilizer conditions clay soils, strengthens roots, and promotes early growth in spring.

- El Primero Garden Fertilizer: An organic-based fertilizer with a homogenous nutrient balance that provides extended access to nutrients for garden plants.

- Germinator Starter Fertilizer: Made from processed organic materials, this landscape-starter fertilizer promotes seed germination and seedling growth.

For purchasing their products, Alpha One provides a list of authorized retailers on their website.