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Aquanomix is a water systems and data management company that specializes in providing smart water technology solutions to building owners and facility managers. Their flagship product, Symphony™ Software, is a cloud-based platform that offers comprehensive insights into a building's water system 24 hours a day. With real-time water management software, Aquanomix helps clients conserve water, improve energy efficiency, reduce Legionella exposure, preserve assets, and prevent unforeseen maintenance issues.

Symphony™ Software has numerous benefits for users. It helps clients achieve significant water savings, with reported millions of gallons saved. It also improves system efficiency by up to 35%, leading to energy conservation. By proactively managing water-related issues, Symphony™ Software helps clients avoid costly lawsuits and brand damage from Legionella exposure. Additionally, it minimizes capital depreciation by 5% or more and prevents unplanned outages due to water-related failures.

Aquanomix serves various industries such as healthcare, hospitality, industrial, commercial, education, and life sciences. Their solutions empower clients with actionable data to drive accountability and produce better outcomes in their water risk management programs.

For more information about Aquanomix and their smart water technology solutions, visit their website at