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Behavioral Health Intervention Center Logo

Behavioral Health Intervention Center

10420 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210

Behavioral Health Intervention Center (BHIC) is a licensed outpatient substance abuse assessment facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. They offer a wide range of services to individuals seeking help with addiction and related issues. These services include DWI assessments and classes, alcohol and drug education programs, outpatient treatment, individual counseling, DOT-SAP assessments for Department of Transportation professionals, and more.

BHIC takes pride in providing convenient services to their clients. They have three locations in Charlotte and offer flexible scheduling options, including weekend classes for those with busy schedules. Their assessors are polite and respectful, understanding the challenges clients have already faced. BHIC aims to assist their clients in completing their assessments or classes in a timely manner, helping them navigate through the process with ease.

With experienced and licensed professionals on board, BHIC ensures that clients receive fair assessments and appropriate recommendations for treatment or education hours. They also provide support throughout the process, allowing clients to easily communicate with their clerical staff regarding questions or paperwork.

Overall, Behavioral Health Intervention Center has been serving the Charlotte community for years by providing comprehensive substance abuse assessment and treatment services. Their commitment to quality care has made them a trusted resource for individuals seeking assistance with addiction recovery.