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Business Software Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of point of sale (POS) systems and software nationwide. With 30 years of experience, they have been working closely with businesses to develop comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of various industries. Their POS systems are designed for restaurants, retail stores, and hotels.

For the restaurant industry, Business Software Solutions offers a range of features including full-service capabilities, fast casual options, online ordering integration through EatOnTheWeb, and tableside tablets with their RapidServer system. Their POS software for restaurants also includes essential functions such as accounting, inventory management, and security.

In the retail sector, Business Software Solutions provides quick and easy touch-point-of-sale solutions for grocery stores, c-stores, and other retail businesses. Their software streamlines sales transactions while offering features like inventory management to help businesses stay organized and efficient.

For hotels and motels, Business Software Solutions offers reservation and folio tracking functionality through their Hotel POS system. This integrated system helps manage guest bookings efficiently and provides seamless integration with other hotel operations like retail shops or restaurants.

In addition to their industry-specific solutions, Business Software Solutions also offers services such as payment processing, gift card programs, cloud reporting for real-time analytics and insights into business performance, and kiosk systems.

Customers rave about the user-friendly nature of Business Software Solutions' products as well as the exceptional customer support they receive. The company prides itself on being responsive to customer needs and providing top-notch technical assistance.

Overall, Business Software Solutions aims to provide small businesses with all-in-one solutions for their POS needs. With their extensive industry experience and range of services offered in a user-friendly manner, they strive to be a trusted partner for businesses looking for reliable POS systems.