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Bearded Monkey Tactical

Aurora, CO

Bearded Monkey Tactical is a Colorado-based organization that offers a wide range of services and resources for personal growth and development. They have a podcast that covers topics such as fitness, firearm training, self-defense, self-improvement, and sociopolitical issues. The podcast features interviews with experts and provides valuable insights and practical tips for listeners. In addition to the podcast, Bearded Monkey Tactical offers tactical fitness classes designed to improve strength, endurance, and overall physical capabilities. These classes are suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and can be beneficial for both military or law enforcement professionals as well as civilians interested in self-defense and fitness. They also provide comprehensive firearms training programs taught by experienced instructors with backgrounds in law enforcement and military operations. These courses are designed to enhance shooting skills and increase knowledge of firearms. Overall, Bearded Monkey Tactical aims to empower individuals to adopt a growth mindset, take control of their lives, and achieve their goals through their services and resources.