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Big Star Studios is a performing arts studio based in Snoqualmie, Washington. They offer a wide range of classes for kids in dance, music, and acting, including theater, musical theater, drama, dance, competition team, visual arts, workshops, and private music lessons. The studio strives to create confident and compassionate children through the performing arts and believes in celebrating creativity and individuality.

Big Star Studios caters to students of all ages, from pre-K to high school. They have a diverse range of class options available to cater to different artistic disciplines. Their classes provide a safe space for students to grow at their own pace and unleash their creativity while developing interpersonal problem-solving skills. The instructors at Big Star Studios understand the importance of performing arts education in promoting a child's development by teaching social skills, discipline, team building, memorization, a strong work ethic, self-esteem, and performance skills.

In addition to their regular classes, Big Star Studios also offers a preschool program called Little Stars Preschool. This program follows a child-led and play-based philosophy with elements of Reggio Emilia. It focuses on supporting socio-emotional development and meeting the needs of young learners.

Furthermore, Big Star Studios has an award-winning competition team for serious performers who want to take their theater skills to the next level. The team participates in performances from September to June and provides an incredible experience for both students and families.

Overall, Big Star Studios is dedicated to providing quality performing arts education and creating a supportive environment where children can express themselves creatively while building confidence and having fun.