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CAVU Aircraft Detailing is a premier aircraft detailing service provider with a focus on delivering exceptional results for both the exterior and interior of aircraft. With their unique dry wash technique, they offer an environmentally friendly and efficient solution that can be performed on the ramp or in a hangar.

For the exterior, CAVU Aircraft Detailing provides services such as basic dry wash, full exterior detail, waxing to protect the paint's finish, bright work polishing for a mirror-like shine, boot strip and reseal to extend the life of pneumatic boots, and paint polish and seal to refurbish the existing paint. They use aviation-grade cleaning solutions and take extra precautions to ensure critical flight instrument ports stay clear.

On the interior side, CAVU Aircraft Detailing offers disinfectant services to ensure passenger safety, basic cleaning that covers all hard surfaces, vacuuming of the entire cabin including creases in seats, carpet extraction using high heat and aviation-grade detergent, leather cleaning and conditioning for a clean look, ink stain removal, scratch and scuff repair for seamless surfaces, as well as accommodating special requests based on individual needs.

With their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, CAVU Aircraft Detailing strives to make your aircraft look brand new while providing top-notch service.