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Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito is a division of Greenstuff Lawncare, Inc. that has been in business since 1991. The company is based in Western Massachusetts and also operates on Cape Cod. The owner, Pat Mercer, contracted Lyme Disease in 2008 while working around his Wellfleet home, which led him to start spraying for ticks and mosquitoes to protect his family and others from tick and mosquito-borne diseases.

One thing that sets Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito apart is their treatment method. They use a very low concentration, high volume spray, which reduces the risk of drift caused by wind and minimizes the impact on non-target insects like bees. In contrast, some competitors use a backpack sprayer with a high concentration and low volume, which can drift easily and pose a greater risk to non-target insects.

Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito is licensed by the State of Massachusetts to apply pesticides responsibly and offers organic alternatives for those who prefer pesticide-free options. They offer services such as tick control, organic tick control, mosquito control, and organic mosquito control.