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Changed Approval

New Castle, DE

Changed Approval offers a free credit repair service that helps improve your credit by removing invalid collection accounts. The process is simple and can be done online. Here's how it works:

1. Get Started: Register and authorize Changed Approval to access your credit information. The enrollment process is fully online, so no sales calls are involved.

2. Credit Report: Follow the instructions to get a copy of your credit report and connect it to the platform. This will allow you to access and analyze your report.

3. Select Items & Send Letters: Choose the items on your credit report that you believe are inaccurate. Download and send dispute letters to the credit bureaus.

4. Sit Back & Relax: Once the credit bureaus receive your dispute letters, they will conduct an investigation into the items you challenged.

5. Results: You should receive results within approximately 30 days. If there are still errors on your credit report, you can log back in to review the next steps for getting them corrected.

6. Repeat: If necessary, you can apply more pressure with advanced disputing methods to further address any remaining errors.

7. Build & Optimize Credit: Along the way, Changed Approval may offer you credit-building products like loans or credit cards that can help expand your credit profile and meet your financial goals.

Changed Approval is based in Buffalo, NY and prides itself on providing a self-help software solution for improving credit reports at no cost to users. Remember that they do not claim to fix your credit but rather provide assistance with disputing inaccurate information on your report.