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Chosen Payments is a credit card processing company that offers cutting-edge solutions to merchants, associations, and ISVs. They provide software integration with proven technology to boost their clients' performance and help them save money. Chosen Payments offers turnkey payment processing solutions with competitive rates and premium service. Their white-glove support team is dedicated to making a difference in your business, providing live support and assistance. Chosen Payments is a trusted processor that helps businesses grow through partnerships.

Aurora Payments, the parent company of Chosen Payments, offers smart POS devices with advanced software to help businesses compete, scale, and grow. They have card acceptance programs that can be integrated and custom-fit to specific requirements, including special programs like Cash Discount and Surcharge. Aurora also provides secure and compliant payment processing services, protecting against fraud and assisting with compliance and chargebacks. Their expert technical support team is available for troubleshooting and resolving any issues that may occur.

Chosen Payments is an authorized ISO (Independent Sales Organization) and FSP (Financial Service Provider) of multiple banks including Wells Fargo Bank, Esquire Bank, Elavon Inc., Evolve Bank & Trust, Merrick Bank, and Deutsche Bank AG. They have offices in Las Vegas and Arizona.

Overall, Chosen Payments aims to provide businesses with a VIP experience by offering innovative payment processing solutions, competitive rates, superior support, and secure transactions.