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Clean Slate Dustless Blasting

5720 N. County Rd. 15, Fort Collins, CO 80524
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Clean Slate Blasting is a sandblasting company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. They provide a range of services for automotive, residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Their sandblasting process involves using high pressure and small abrasives to safely remove paint, rust, and other coatings from surfaces like metal, cement, and wood.

For automotive services, Clean Slate Blasting offers sandblasting to prepare vehicles for painting or restoration. They can efficiently clean car exteriors and classic car parts, ensuring a smooth surface for the final finish.

In residential settings, Clean Slate Blasting offers home sandblasting services to clean surfaces such as driveways, patios, fences, and rusted metal furniture. Their process can eliminate oil stains and restore the appearance of various outdoor elements.

For commercial properties, Clean Slate Blasting provides sandblasting services to remove grime and improve the overall look of buildings and grounds. This can include cleaning sidewalks, driveways, building walls, and more.

Industrial equipment sandblasting is also available to help businesses clean and restore machinery and vehicles used in farming, factories, oil rigs, and other industries.

Clean Slate Blasting is known for their meticulous work and has received positive testimonials from satisfied customers.