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Crystal Lily Creative is a brand coach and diversity consultant that specializes in inclusive branding and leadership training. They work with brands and leaders to create inclusive, aligned, and human-focused environments rooted in core values. Their services include brand coaching, custom brand photography, leadership development, masterclasses, coaching, and the Aligned Mastermind program. Crystal Lily Creative aims to help businesses disrupt the status quo and advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, sustainability, community building, advocacy and activism, education and empowerment, and more.

They offer various resources to support their clients' journey towards inclusive branding and leadership. These include free guides to help identify and define core values for effective communication of beliefs and purpose. They also provide speaking engagements for guest coaching, training, workshops, and keynote speaking to facilitate conversations that are inclusive, values-aligned, human-focused, and trauma-informed.

Crystal Lily Creative takes an approach that focuses on building aligned relationships while honoring boundaries. Their goal is to create messaging and environments that are inclusive, connected, human-focused to drive the mission forward. They believe in confident decision-making through aligned core values.

Founded by Crystal Lily herself as a brand coach with a passion for using platforms to advocate for philanthropy, inclusion, human rights,social justice education,and sustainability among others.

Overall,Crystal Lily Creative strives to support leaders in creating inclusive environments where they can authentically share their messages and connect with people in a meaningful way.