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DJBTherapy, based in Boulder, Colorado, is a therapy practice that offers a range of services to support individuals and families in their healing journey. The therapist, D.J. Bishop, believes in the inherent worth of every individual and aims to help clients reconnect with themselves and others through therapy.

One of the main services offered by DJBTherapy is individual therapy. Whether conducted in person at their Boulder office or online, these one-on-one sessions provide a collaborative space for clients to process and understand their experiences. The therapist works with clients to establish and achieve short-term and long-term goals, using various therapeutic modalities.

DJBTherapy also offers individual intensive therapy journeys, which are immersive programs designed for deep healing and transformation. These intensives typically span multiple days and involve approximately six hours of therapy per day. Through experiential therapies, these intensives aim to cultivate healing, hope, and change that may not be possible through traditional talk therapy alone.

For families dealing with addiction, DJBTherapy provides family therapy services. Addiction is seen as a family "dis-ease," and the therapist guides families through the process of substance abuse treatment. This includes helping with referrals to treatment facilities, setting boundaries, and creating aftercare plans. By working together as a family system, DJBTherapy aims to support recovery and foster healthier dynamics.

Group therapy is another service offered by DJBTherapy. These sessions provide a safe space for individuals to address relational dynamics that may be causing pain or distress. Using techniques from psychodrama and other experiential therapies, group therapy helps participants build trust and connection while working on personal growth.

Overall, DJBTherapy strives to create a supportive environment where clients can rewrite their stories from painful histories into narratives of empowerment. The therapist shares the same therapies used in personal transformation journeys to guide clients towards building renewed connections with themselves, their families, and their communities.