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DM Vans is a company founded by Dave and Matt, who have a strong passion for the van life lifestyle. They come from different backgrounds but share a common experience of living in vans and building their own stories on the road. This shared experience drove them to create DM Vans with a mission to make van life accessible to everyone. They offer a range of lifestyle vehicles, including the LV3, LV5, and LV7. The LV3 prioritizes efficient utilization of space, the LV5 combines comfort with modern technology and safety features, and the LV7 provides the largest interior space for weekend adventures or full-time living.

What sets DM Vans apart is that they are not just van builders; they are van lifers themselves. Their team consists of genuine van lifers who understand the needs and desires of those who choose to live life on the road. They strive to build top-notch vans while also fostering a welcoming community for van life enthusiasts.

On their website, DM Vans features inspiring stories that cover various aspects of van life, such as diversifying van life, urban van life tips, and maintaining hygiene on the road. They also have partnerships with Campers Inn RV to expand their reach and provide enhanced convenience for customers.

Overall, DM Vans aims to provide high-quality vans and create a supportive community where everyone can embrace the adventure of van life.