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Direct Property Aid is a trusted home buyer based in Chicago. They specialize in buying all kinds of real estate, including residential, commercial, vacant land, industrial, mixed-use, agricultural, and special use properties. The company offers solutions for various situations such as dealing with vacant properties that are draining financially, inheriting a property with no interest in it, going through a divorce, owning frustrating rental properties or properties with difficult tenants, needing to relocate quickly, having little to no equity in a property, owning a "fixer upper" without time for repairs, and wanting to avoid paying realtor commissions.

Direct Property Aid aims to help homeowners take control of their situations and get back to living the life they want by presenting them with a variety of options. They provide free consultations and no-obligation offers within 24 hours. Their goal is to offer potential cash offers that best fit and solve the homeowner's situation. Customers can fill out a form on their website or call their team of Chicago house buying experts for assistance.

Overall, Direct Property Aid is committed to providing hassle-free solutions for selling properties quickly in the Chicago area.