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EKNOW's M&A Tools for corporate M&A teams are designed to support the entire M&A process, from due diligence to integration. They offer three levels of support: Team, Business, and Enterprise.

The Team level is suitable for smaller M&A management teams and provides tools for one team/portfolio with small targets/transactions. It typically has 5 to 25 internal contributors/users and focuses on deal/project-level tracking. This level offers core modules such as Portfolio Suite, Project Templates, Diligence Suite, and Report Generator. It includes unlimited seller/external users, unlimited 2nd-level tech support, initial setup and configuration assistance, and 2 hours per month of guidance and support.

The Business level is designed for mid-sized organizations with multiple M&A development teams/portfolios. It supports geographically distributed teams and individual activity tracking. With 25 to 125 internal contributors/users, this level offers additional features such as resource metrics and accountability tools, custom workflows (iMemo), extended project metrics/KPIs, SSO (Single Sign-On) options, and more. Business-level support includes unlimited seller/external users, unlimited 2nd-level tech support, 4 hours per month of guidance and support, initial training plus annual "top-ups," data migration assistance during setup, and minimal customization.

The Enterprise level is suitable for larger organizations with extended M&A organizations and hierarchies of development teams/portfolios. It supports highly distributed teams with 50 to 500+ internal contributors/users. This level offers advanced features such as Enterprise Playbook Manager, advanced diligence and risk management modules, integration work plans, value capture modules, talent selection features, custom integrations, dedicated servers (single-tenant), extensive customization options, and more. Enterprise-level support includes unlimited seller/external users, unlimited 2nd-level tech support,

8 hours per month of guidance and support,

initial + ongoing training,

ongoing configuration tailoring,

data migration assistance,

advanced customization options, and platform administration by EKNOW.

Overall, EKNOW's M&A Tools provide comprehensive support for corporate M&A teams of various sizes, offering modular and customizable solutions to streamline and enhance the M&A process.