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Harassment Compliance Training LLC

Los Angeles, CA

Harassment Compliance Training offers a range of harassment prevention training services that aim to create a safe and respectful workplace environment. They provide on-site training, virtual training, and self-paced digital programs to meet the diverse needs of HR managers, compliance officers, and business owners. The on-site training allows for personalized interaction, immediate feedback, team building, and in-depth customization. The virtual training sessions replicate the interactive nature of in-person workshops and offer global accessibility and flexible scheduling. Their self-paced digital program provides flexible learning options that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Additionally, they offer corrective action awareness programs to address specific behavioral issues and HR training programs to empower HR teams with the skills needed to conduct effective harassment prevention training internally. With their comprehensive and customizable training solutions, Harassment Compliance Training aims to create a positive culture shift in workplaces by fostering environments of respect, inclusion, and safety for all employees.