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Big River Trial Attorneys in Baton Rouge specializes in personal injury and criminal defense cases, including auto accidents, brain injuries, wrongful claims, domestic abuse, theft charges, DUI/DWI, and more. Their team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to fighting for the rights of their clients and providing them with the compensation and defense they deserve. The firm prides itself on its honesty, compassion, and extensive legal experience in Baton Rouge.

Established by attorney Rusty Messer, Big River Trial Attorneys aims to be a trusted source of advice for those facing legal challenges. The firm handles a wide range of cases involving personal injury accidents and criminal defense matters, focusing on understanding clients' goals and prioritizing their needs throughout the legal process. With a passion for advocating for justice, the team at Big River Trial Attorneys offers free consultations and strives to provide peace of mind to individuals seeking legal representation in Baton Rouge.